Friday, January 19, 2018

Real & Simple Home Cooked Meals Challenge

Real & Simple Home Cooked Meals Challenge.   It's time to get REAL!
We at Creekside Meadows are Challenging YOU to step into your kitchen every day for one week and prepare every dinner from scratch.   Plus find out how to have leftovers and use them for lunches.

You are going to be responsible for your food preparation and using your kitchen often.  It's time to drop the fad "diets" and sourcing "cheap" foods that can't give your body the nutrients it needs.

No prepared foods
No eating out
Emphasis on local foods found in CNY this time of year.   Yup it's winter and it's possible.

We are going to detox from relying on others to prepare food for you.
You are going to get those people who are eating with you at home to have a hand it preparation.   No whining they are busy with sports or studying.  I know they are but change the behavior patterns now to having a part in preparing food so they can make better choices in the future.

We are going to:

1.   Make  a menu plan for a week so you can be prepared.  We will be posting our menu soon and will have corresponding meat packs for sale at the farm to make it easy for you to be ready for good meats for the week.  If you aren't local to us find your local farmers- they are there and many need you this time of year. Find them.

2.  Use local seasonal items.   This may mean no baby lettuce/greens that have no taste and come  in those clear plastic boxes at a store.  Step away from the empty mouthfuls of tasteless green weeds that grew far away.  Put things nutritious in your body that are substantial, not blah.

3. No going out to eat and no prepared or partially prepared meals.   
You are going to eat what is prepared in your kitchen and take responsibility for your meals and what goes into your body.   No more having someone cut up your veggies or preseason your meats or soaking your meat in saline solutions.

4.  Cut back on processed foods.  I am not saying make your own sour cream or yogurt or bread or pasta!
No boxes of mac & cheese, no cans of baked beans or soups kind of things.

5.  Meet your farmers here:
These meals will be based on locally sourced well raised meats and will feature our own because it's our blog and our challenge.   It will be truly eating like a farmer.

6.   Awakening your taste buds to simple pleasures and honest taste of food.

Are you ready?    You can do this.

Find out more about the food you buy.

Find out the stories behind our food choices here at the farm.

Find out how make small important changes in what you eat.

Find out how those changes do impact your community.

Find out what it matters to rely on personal relationships with people growing your food.

Find out why you need to look beyond a label and look at the farms here in your community.

 Come along.   I dare you!

Farmstore is open Saturday and Sunday 12-2pm.   Come on out!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Spare Ribs- Instant Pot Amazing!

Spare Ribs in 25 minutes with Instant Pot. Yes call me amazed and happy!

Many are like me and you love Spare Ribs but tending the grill for a long time or even just planning on a slow cook in the oven can be too much sometimes.   I already posted my oven roasting recipe that I use.

I have found a great way to enjoy Creekside Meadows Spare Ribs anytime of year and they are ready in less than an hour.

I have now cooked these tasty morsels twice in my Instant Pot.

My first experiment went too far with fall of the bone tenderness as in I couldn't get them out the pot easily because the bones were falling out.  They were good but maybe too tender?

So this afternoon I tried again and found a winner!

Thaw out your ribs.    If it's not done already peel off the thin membrane that's on one side of the ribs.  This requires a small sharp knife to peel the end up and then grasp it with some paper towels to slowly peel it off using the knife to loosen as needed.   Some people don't do it and were fine.  I found it's better with it off but sometimes it's already removed.  

Preseason them with a dry rub of your choice.

This last time I did ground pepper then some Syracuse Salt Company Garlic Salt and some Espresso Salt.     Maybe 1 teaspoon of each.  
Sprinkled on both sides of ribs and rubbed in.  Use more if you want, I went light.

You can use any seasoning you want, I have a bbq one that I get locally or make up your own.  You can't go wrong with just salt and pepper either.

Put a trivet in the bottom of your pot to keep the meat off the pan and out of the liquid.
Pour in 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar and 1/2 cup apple cider or apple juice and 1/2 cup water.
Why the vinegar?   I'm told it helps the tenderness but then some recipes say they didn't use it it and all was perfect they just increased the other liquid.   I'll make more and share soon.

You can also add a few drops of liquid smoke to the liquid for some smokiness.

The 1 cup or more of liquid is necessary to achieve pressure so don't skip it or it will BURN!

Place the ribs in layers on the trivet.  Our ribs are cut into 2 pieces but if you purchase ribs elsewhere they maybe 1 long piece.  If so you can curl the ribs in a circle and put on the trivet on their end so it's like a standing up roll of paper towels.  
If 2 pieces you can roll them up and tie with cooking twine or I just laid mine down flat- all was well.
25 minutes pressurized.   I used the manual setting.  Then let it do a natural release for 10 minutes.  The natural release is needed for additional cooking and aids in the tenderness.
After 10 minutes of natural release manually release the pressure and open up the yumminess.
Remove ribs, to a cooking sheet & slather on your favorite sauce.
Broil them in the oven until nice and bubbly.   Top off with a little more brushed on sauce and enjoy.  
They should be fall off the bone tender or darn close to it.    

So there you are.   Tender and flavorful Spare Ribs in less than an hour.  

Every purchase over $20 this weekend at the farm gets a free package of Spare Ribs.  
Saturday Jan 20th and Sunday Jan 21st

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Slow Roasted Eye Round Roast

Wow time has flown and I didn't get some goodies posted yet!

I cooked an eye round roast the other night and talk about easy.

Eye round is a very very lean cut and often some farms will have these cut into small round steaks and call them "tenderloins"- which they are NOT or call them mock tenders because they do resemble a tenderloin to some people.
It's packed with flavor but requires a very careful hand cooking because if it's overcooked its' ruined.

This cut is one we don't often carry but are this year because I have a goal to teach more people how to slow roast all our roasts to perfection and use leftovers!  Stop going to the deli for that stuff- cook it at home easily!

Creekside Eye Round,   about 2 1/2 pounds.   OR  Rump Roast or London Broil- which we have in stock now!
thaw and cover liberally with an herb or spice mix or just salt, pepper and crushed garlic.
I used a new product made a town over from us.
Clean Slate farms Matson hill Rub which can be found at the 20/East store in Cazenovia and other places.

I also added in some oregano because it felt right.  Plus some Baby Bella Mushrooms which needed to be used up and really beef goes so well with mushrooms.

So the roast is all covered with this  (1 tablespoons is good enough)
Let it come to room temperature.
Preheat oven to 250 or lower if you oven will do it.
Place roast in a small shallow roasting pan.
Roast on this low heat until medium (120-130 but no higher than 140) for internal temperature.  It's best medium with that nice pink center so be careful not to overcook this cut as it will go tough and flavor is lost.
It takes about 30-40 minutes per pound if you oven works well at that low temp.  Mine is not workign well at that low temp so it took 1 1/2 hours to be done.   I removed it, tented it.    Did up some pan gravy with drippings and added some beef stock because I wanted more gravy.
I slice this roast very very thin with my electric knife or a nice sharp carving knife.   Key thing is this roast is best cut really thin.   So get those knives sharpened!!!

I served with mashed potatoes, sauteed yellow beans (frozen in the fall from our garden) and some fresh warm applesauce.

Really it took 1 1/2 hours to roast and to me that is very doable for say a Sunday night dinner.  Then save the remaining meat for Monday lunches as yummy roast beef sandwiches.  Add a dolop of horseradish or some saurkraut!   Or later in the week for leftovers.  Serve over some noodles or open faced sandwiches or in stir fry on on salads, or wraps.

 This method and recipe works perfectly with a Rump Roast or London Broil as they are both lean cuts that do best roasted at low heat, only to medium and thinly sliced.

Stop buying lunch meat at the deli counter that is packed full of additives,preservatives not to mention all that salt.  One roast makes 2 meals with only a few hours cooking one time.

Many of our customers tell us that they find eating our beef is so filling that they eat less at a meal than they would normally.  It's satisfying to their tummy.   We agree.
Plus using leftovers is not just delicious but so much better for your body and your budget.
It looks like this roast is well done but there is some pink there that doesn't show in the evening picture in my kitchen.  I thought I actually overcooked it a tad but they guys here gobbled it up even with the mushrooms (they hate mushrooms but I love them!)  
 Enough leftovers for 3 sandwiches the next day from a 2 1/2 pound roast.    
See the pile of yummy roasted mushrooms?  yummmmmmy.

All the recipes are ones I have made in my kitchen and they are the actual pictures!


All our beef is completely 100% Grass Fed Only.
Our herd never ever gets grain, corn or fermented feeds.   They graze the pastures and then we feed hay from our farm in the winter. 

We've been grazing beef for 20 years!!!!  This year is our 20th anniversary since we obtained our first 2 beef cows.  So you have all our experience and dedication to raising meat the right way going into every bit of our meat you eat!

Thanks for the support and see you at the farm soon. Open Saturdays and Sundays all winter 12 -2

Or opt for delivery and online ordering with FREE local delivery!

Monday, January 8, 2018

How to make Beef stock the fast and the low slow way!

Start with good bones from Grassfed Only cows, like ours here at Creekside Meadows.  Yes good bones do matter!

I started with 4 pounds of our Meaty Soup Shanks- or 2 packages.  These have a nice sized bone and quite a bit of meat which I like.

Thaw, liberally salt and pepper them and roast at 350 for about 30-45 minutes until a nice dark brown.    Remove to some paper towels to blot off any liquified fat.
Don't they look yummy?   All that browning will really bring out flavor in the stock.

You can also use already cooked bones leftover from meals and those don't need roasting.

Add bones to your pot.   I added 3 quarts of water to my instant pot. to cover the bones but not overfilling it (see the level mark on your pot)  Add more or less if you need to.

3 large carrots, sliced.
1 large onion, cut into wedges.  You can use more onions but I was low on supply.   If homegrown/local onions you can leave the skins as they add more flavor and have not been treated for longer storage.
1 bay leaf
3 big cloves of garlic peeled, smashed and chopped.
2 stalks of celery (optional, I didn't use for this recipe as I was out).

in this picture you can only see some of the bones, the rest are under water.  I'm using an 8 qt Instant Pot so for smaller pots you may use lesser amount of bones and water.  Some people make stock with no veggies but I like the more complex flavor and extra nutrients that comes from a mixed stock.

You can also add herbs if you want, like oregano, parsley, thyme, rosemary ect.....   I didn't with this batch (forgot to!)

Instant Pot.   Use the soup setting for 90 minutes and let it do a natural release.
Slow Cooker- use low for 10-12 hours, longer is better..
Stove top.  Bring to a boil and lower to simmer, cover simmer 8-12 hours or longer.

I do all 3 but lately the instantpot has saved me time, energy and seems to me to be a bit more flavorful.   This doesn't mean go out and get one, really just wait.  The price will come down and many will be found at garage sales this summer really cheap.

Strain the solids out.   If any meat I remove it and freeze for soup later on and the dogs get some for treats.  Discard the rest.

Let the liquid cool and refrigerate.   The next day I skim off the solidified fat if any and freeze in whatever serving size portions I want.  Often it's 1 cup or 2 cups.

There are lots of versions of making stock or broth and we can debate the words to use to describe it.  My recipe changes often by what I have on hand.    I like making a mixed meat stock with beef, pork and chicken bones in it.   It makes for a complex delicious stock for all sorts of uses.

I will be using this in some beef dishes this week.  Beef Stroganoff and shephard's pie!

I also reduce this down to half or more for a very concentrated product. This gets frozen in ice cube trays.  I will pull these out when I make a soup or stew or gravy that seems weak flavored and needs some extra flavor oomph instead of using bullion or similar things.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Shaved Steak Quesadillas

Shaved Steak is something I rarely see at any meat counter and I know many don't know how to use it other than Steak Sandwiches.  We have these really thin slices of steak- also called Minute Steaks- cut from either the London Broil or the Sirloin Tip.  The cook in less than a minute and work well with any seasoning or quick marinade.  I usually just keep it simple.

Here's one way that makes great little appetizers or a quick simple meal.
It's extremely versatile so add more to it since you know what your family likes.

Quesadillas with Creekside Meaodws Shaved Steak

1 pound Creekside Shaved Steak
1 package of flour tortillas  Any size you like to use.  I had some 6" for this.

8 ounces colby jack cheese- for mild   or cheddar  or a smoked type or a spicy jalapeno one.
Shred it.

Salt, Pepper, olive oil

Heat a cast iron griddle or non stick pan over medium-high heat.   Add a little olive oil.

Lay out the shaved steak on a tray, blot dry with paper towel, dust with some salt and pepper.

When pan is hot add the steaks a few at a time.  Lay them flat out.  You will brown each side.  This can take 15-30 seconds a side.  They cook quickly since they are so thin so no need to over due!

Remove to a cookie tray.   keep this warm as you work, so place in a slightly warmed oven.   Cook the next batch of steaks until all are done.

Wipe out your pan and lay 1 flour tortilla in the pan.  Use medium heat.   work quickly sprinkle a thin layer cheese over 1/2 of the tortilla, then add a layer of shaved steak and a thin layer of cheese.
 Fold the tortilla over the top.   As the cheese melts flip it over so the other side melts.   Remove to plate and cut into 3-5 wedges.

Repeat with the remaining steak and cheese.    Now you can go thicker with your layers if you wish.   Add  in any extras you like.   Arugula would be good, spinach, tomato slice, thin apple slices, avacado, cooked peppers and onion.    Change up the type of cheese to what you like or have on hand.

Serve with salsa and sour cream or ranch dressing (farmer Cam!) or whatever you like.

Again these make really nice little bites for gatherings, kids lunches, snacks.    Let me know what you do!

FARMSTORE IS OPEN   Sunday January 7th  Noon-2pm.
  We decided to close for saturday but are available by appointment.  It's the cold and we don't know if we'll be plowed out much on Saturday.


We have NEW meat packs for January, some revised ones from previous and all our meats by the individual cut.

Send me your favorite recipe for me to try and maybe I can post it here.   I try to keep things simple and as seasonal as I can but ready for anything (except liver, can't stand it!)

Remember your body needs to be nourished so put good things in it.  Simple things and less boxes or processed foods.  
Make your food from your home with love and not rely on someone else to do it for you is one big step towards a healthier life.  

Cooking doesn't have to be difficult, it should be simple and it can be very easy.

I know many places offer ready made meals.  We don't and I never plan to.    We want more people to take charge of what goes into their bodies by preparing it themselves.
 It's love that should go into it, positive energy and simple ingredients found locally.  
It can be done and it's why this blog is here to show you how we do it.  You can do it.

Let us help you eat better this year.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Vegetable Beef Soup from scratch in the Instant Pot

I can make 6+ quarts of stock in 90 minutes.   Is what sold me on the InstantPot.   I make alot of stock/broth here because I cook with it often.   I also don't have a particular recipe. It's roasted bones, veggies, herbs, water and go.

I've been checking out some instantpot cookbooks and find that many are just recreating stovetop or oven recipes.  Most rarely save much time and easily can ruin meat.   I'm on a FB group for newbie Instantpot owners and few can read directions and don't understand cooking meat.  

So do you need one?  If you don't have one don't go crazy trying to get one now.  Wait they will be cheap at yard sales or thrift shops soon.  I almost got one for $20 this fall.

I have one as I said for making stock/broth.  I also cook alot of large roasts  that need longer cooking times like chuck roasts, stew, pork shoulder and so on.   It's great for cooking dried beans and I've never been able to master that before .  Matt's happy because he loves chili with black beans.
it has a slow cooker feature which I have not used yet.   It has other features that I won't use like for yogurt since I have a yogurt maker or do it the old fashioned way in a thermos.   The rice feature I may use some time although we don't eat much rice here.  

I made vegetable beef soup today in under an hour which used to take all day to simmer away and here's the recipe.   I also include the super simple slow cooker and stove top way to do it.   Anyways I started soup at 11 and ate around noon.  Delicious.

Vegetable Beef Soup for the Instant Pot (or slow cooker or stove top).
I used 1 quart of beef stock as the base.  Make your own or purchase some.   Vegetable stock works great too.

1  package of 2 Meaty Soup Shanks.  OR used 1 pound of stew meat or a chuck roast cut into cubes.
1 quart of beef stock or vegetable stock.  Homemade or bought.
2 medium sized carrots, coarsely chopped
1 stalk of celery chopped
1/2 medium onion, coarsely chopped
1 clove garlic crushed and chopped
1 bay leaf

Optional 1/2 cup dry red wine
Use your instant pot instructions for sauteing.
I cut the meat off the soup shank into small pieces to speed up the cooking.  I then used the saute option and browned the meat and bones in a bit of butter and bacon fat.  I browned it all well, then used some water to deglaze the bottom of the pot and scrape up all the little bits.

 Add in 1 quart of stock, the optional wine if you want to & the carrots, onion, garlic, and bay leaf.  
Pressure cook for 20 minutes.   Do quick release.   Remove the meat and bones.  Remove an extra meat from the bones and and pull apart any larger pieces.  Spoon out the marrow from the bones and add to the pot.  Remove bay leaf.
Add in
1/2 cup frozen corn
1/3 cup frozen peas
1/2 cup frozen green beans- I cut them into smaller pieces easy to spoon up in soup.  
2 small russet potatoes, peeled and cut into small cubes-this is optional I just decided to add a little potato for more of a "stew" kind of dish.

Pressure cook again 5 minutes and let do a natural release.  

Season soup to taste.    You can thicken it also to make it more of a stew.

I used a meaty soup shank because I had a package that the seal had broken on plus I like the extra gelatin the marrow bones add.  My knees appreciate it!

SLOW COOKER.   The meat really needs to be browned first then add all the first batch of ingredients to the pot and slow cook 6 or so hours until meat is tender.  The last 1/2 hour or so add in the peas, corn and beans, potatoes.
STOVE TOP, again brown the meat, deglaze the pan, add in all first batch of ingredients and simmer all day.  Add the corn, peas and beans the last 1/2 hour.

FREEZE in 1 cup serving amounts for quick small meals.   Excellent to have on hand when illness hits.  

The Cazenovia Market scheduled this week was cancelled if you hadn't heard.

DRIVE UP for PICKUP!!!     I know many of you cringe at getting out of your car to get meat, who wants to drag the kids out or risk tripping on a snow ball......    Pre-order and when you drive up I will bring it to your car.   Order online with our store and pay online  OR just drop me a message with your order.  I will bring your bag to your car and you can pay from your cozy car.    Where do you get that?  Only here!

ALL ORDERS OVER $20 GET A FREE PACKAGE OF SPARE RIBS!   So you can do some oven roasting of them.

We have a great package this month.
The Creekside Oink and Moo  $150  it's about 16- 17 pounds of meat and fills a plastic grocery bag.
Includes the following:
Beef Short Ribs, Beef Chuck Roast, Meaty Soup Shanks, Shaved Steak, Pork chops (4 chops), Bacon, sweet or hot italian sausage, smoked ham steak, country ribs and 4 pounds of ground beef.

There is a smaller one featuring all the pork cuts from the 5 days of Pastured Pork recipes last week.
$65  Pork Shoulder Roast, Chorizo,  Sweet or Hot Italian sausage, pork chops (4 chops in a pkg), ground beef, ground pork and spare ribs
We also have a larger Beef pack for $200 and a Pork only one for $200  both have about 20 pounds of meat each.   You can combine the 2 for the Hibernation pack for $375 and we'll see you in March!

There are some smaller packages plus a full selection of our retail cuts.  Yes we have beef bones for stock making and a small amount of chicken backs too.    Limited supply so get them and get cooking.
We have managed to lower our price on our ground beef, sweet and hot italian sausage, and a few other cuts.  
on farm purchases this month receive 8% discount at the farm.

or email is


Tuesday  from the farm west Tully, Fabius, Otisco, Lafayette, Jamesville, onondaga, navarino, camillus, skaneateles, pompey and areas in between.   No delivery fees just a minimum order of $50 for areas west of I-81.  

Wednesday afternoon   Manlius, Fayetteville, Chittenango    2-4pm drop off.   Veterans can pickup at Clear Path.

Fridays-  Cazenovia area to Morrisville.  

***Some deliveries will be postponed if weather is bad.  Sorry I don't take the truck out in bad weather but I will know the day before if things need to rescheduled.

Yes it's cold out and about to get even colder.   Luckily we may not get the much bigger storm hitting the coast but then again we might if it shifts.
The animals are all in good shape. Eating well and with good shelter so feel confident all is well as it can be.

We've been hearing of farms with frozen livestock waterers and it makes me really glad we never invested in some types  that are causing problems.  You may recall back a few years ago the water line from the well at the house under the road to the barn kept freezing in the winter.   So that was dug up and replaced I think a year and a half ago.  That water line is now larger, plastic and buried about 6 feet under!  The frost free hydrants are 4 feet and 6 feet deep also.  We hope it's enough considering it's recommended to be 3 feet deep as enough.   So those "hydrants" are a steel pipe down in the ground with a lever kind of on off handle above ground.   This we hook a small length of garden hose to and fill a 300-400 gallon poly stock tank.  It has a floating electric heater in it to keep the water warm.  So far we've had no icing at all of the tank and the cows get lots of warm water.
What many farmers use are a self waterer where the cows bump something so water fills a bowl for drinking. Those often have a thermostat in them which always goes bad, some can't find replacements for and so on.  That thermostat runs a heating element to keep it all from freezing.  Well when that isn't working you get frozen water and it ALWAYS happens when it's this cold.  Not just the waterer freezes but it will go down deep underground freezing all the water lines.   It can be replaced if anyone can dig it up in this weather.  
We decided not to buy those types of waterers.   Sure when they work they are great.  But come on things ALWAYS break at the worst times.  We like to have back up plans in place and a 3rd back up too!  Those waterers are $500 on up each and well cough cough..... we aren't spending that soon.

We've been spending some time planning the maple syrup enterprise expansion for this year.  It will involve almost tripling the amount of tree taps we will have and going up the hillside where we've been culling bad trees so the good maples can get more sun.  We have  only 2 small 12 oz jugs of maple syrup left from 2017!  

We hope you enjoy this blog and the recipes.  Send me your recipes and I'll try to feature some of them as we go along.  

Stay warm.  Eat well and nourish your body to fight off those cruddy bugs out there.


SHAVED STEAK Quesadillas.   yum.  

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Updates for January 3rd, 2018

So the New Year has begun and it's freaking cold out most days with more to come this weekend.   It's a tough time of year for any farmer.  I just saw my neighbor's cows be loaded up and leave the farm.  Either to an auction or sold to another farm.   I don't know the whole story but I'd guess the farm is closed.  I dread to see who takes over the land but probably better managed than lately.

It's tough here as I put on many layers to head out and take care of the critters.  Things are set up better than in years past but we still have to haul water to the pigs on the 4 wheeler.  Next year the pond WILL be finished and frost free hydrants set up at the winter pig area for watering them.

We've been chipping more wood for the cows bedding and bought some extra hay in for the pigs to eat and for their bedding.   All are doing well, and sunning themselves at the moment since it's all blue sky this morning.

It's tough on sales with zero income for 3 weeks now.  I have delivery options and farm store is open weekends now so I hope things improve soon.   A reminder what you put in your body is extremely important NOW as the dreaded illness season is here.   Put good food in and meat is very important part of winter nutrition.

A friend has had flu hit their household and she was saying she was so glad she had put up many quarts of chicken stock, chicken soup, beef stock, beef soup in her freezer.     She would get out her instant pot and put in a pork shoulder roast heavily seasoned for spiciness.   Did up a bunch of rice and put in in the fridge.  She said they have been eating well and recovering.
One favorite meal was hot sausage with veggies.  She freezes lots of veggies like I do.   She stir fried/sauteed some beans, peas, carrots, squash, onions, peppers, garlic and potatoes then added in cooked hot sausage.  Pulled out some hot sauce to clear the sinuses and dinner with lunch leftovers.   I made this during the fall at the farmers market for some of us vendors.   Yum.

If you don't have your own veggies frozen consider stocking up with some not just having fresh in the fridge.   Frozen keeps for when you need it.

So I'm going to stress to everyone get some stock made and in the freezer.   Have the pantry and freezer stocked for simple nourishing meals.

I have chicken backs and beef bones at the farm while supplies last.  
Recipe for stock will be out soon along with my favorite beef veggie soup.

We also have lots of all of our cuts and meat packs on the online store.  If  you don't see a cut or size you want just message me as i may just have it just didn't get it updated yet.
Chuck, Rump, Brisket, Stew, Meaty Soup Shanks, Short Ribs, flank steak, sirloin steak, rib steaks, shaved steak, bones, burger.   Pork shoulder and loin roasts, hams, ham steaks, bacons, ground pork, sweet and hot italian sausage, breakfast sausage, chorizo, brats, keilbasa, chops, country ribs, spare ribs ($5 a pound or free package with $20 purchase plus recipe on oven roasting or instant pot cooking them).

Local Delivery in Cazenovia Area is FRIDAY afternoons.  No minimum No delivery fees
 to order for delivery or pickup at the farm.  
I know it's cold out so if  you are picking up at the farm and don't want to get out of the car NO PROBLEM.  Put in your order ahead of time.  I will bag it up and let you know the total. You can pay ahead of time or when you pickup.  I WILL BRING IT TO YOUR CAR when you pull up!

See toot your horn and we bring you good meat.   You can NOT get that anywhere else!

Seriously I know many of you have kids and don't want to drag them out of the car or you are iffy on walking on uneven ground- I've been there a few times.    So let me make it easy for you since I have the heavier winter gear!  

I also have delivery next week east of the farm, west of the farm too.  
Tuesday from the farm west to Skaneateles and Camillus and in between.
Wednesday is Manlius, Fayetteville and Chittenango
Fridays (every friday) is Cazenovia and west to Morrisville.

I also delivery EVERY Friday locally in Caz and Deruyter and other really close areas to us.

Put good food in your body and wash your hands.   Stay well.  See you soon.